In 1966 the Beach Boys released the years' best record Pet Sounds, Mickey Mantle hit his four-hundred ninety-fourth homerun, Geneva motor launched the Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider, folks over the age of 65 started taking advantage of the newly realeased Medicare and the Baltimore Orioles whipped the pants off the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. But half the world away there was a group of young men embarking on a journey that would last more than the 1 year they served together, it would brand thier hearts and minds for a lifetime.

Mike Rosendahl spent 5 years seeking a publisher to distribute 1966 only to be told to edit his work and rhetoric. So he has decided to give 1966 away to anyone interested in downloading and reading it. The book is both exciting and informative, painting a realistic picture of the day to day situations these young men went through. Mike mentions in his Bio:

“The reader should know that I was not qualified for such a task. But Recon Marines were being killed faster than trained volunteers could be found. I would live through this incredible experience only because of the skill and professionalism of the Marines that accompanied me into the jungle. This book is our story. It is a story of the joys of life and the sadness of death. This story travels from the exhilaration of survival to the despair of defeat. Within this story is a degree of camaraderie that only the damned can share.”  ...Read More